Top 4 Best Massages For Healing And Relaxation

Massage therapy is the restorative physical solution you’ve been looking for!

There is nothing more discouraging than feeling mental and physical road blocks along your journey towards a consistently active lifestyle. Once you hit a certain point in your life, maintaining a daily regimen of physical activities becomes much more difficult. An even larger issue occurs if you don’t consistently conduct proper restoration practices for your body.

Massage therapy is proven to send your body into a calming realm of physical healing and mental relaxation. During each session, you’ll experience the perfect level of manual manipulation that ensures each nerve and muscle receives just the right amount of attention.

If you’re no stranger to muscle spasms that continuously become more painful every single day, massage therapy can lift these physical and mental burdens off your shoulders. You’ve waited long enough to fully understand how massage therapy can change your life.

Check out the article below to discover which type of massage is just right for you!

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you have a pesky knot in your shoulder that just doesn’t want to come out?

Fortunately, the right deep tissue massage is going to get out all those muscle kinks that continuously bother you on a daily basis. Throughout this process, a professional massage therapist will apply slow pressure to the areas of tension on your body.

Each session will allow you to feel more relief from the muscle strains that are caught in the deeper layers of your connective tissue. This delicate yet forceful massage successfully releases all the unwanted tension that constantly stays trapped in your muscles.

Thai Massage

Even if you’re an avid stretcher, Thai massage allows you to feel a more complete level of full-body relaxation. This massage consists of you lying fully clothed on a floor mat while one of our professional practitioners guides you through restorative stretching exercises.

This type of massage requires the use of stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to relieve any muscle tension you may have.

Some of the most common stretches include:

  • Elongating torso stretches
  • Opening chest, arm, neck, back, and shoulder exercises
  • Stretching cobra pose

After completing your Thai massage, you’ll feel a higher level of relaxation, flexibility, and blood circulation throughout your entire body.

Tui-na Massage

This ancient Chinese massage utilizes various alternative medicine practices such as acupuncture and cupping to ensure your body’s energy force is completely balanced. Our team of professionals help you release any qi blockages by using intentional pressure techniques to home in on your most tense areas.

Depending on your unique needs, we tailor each massage to be a passive or active experience. The passive session is more gentle and supports a meditative vibe, while the active session produces the intense stimulations necessary to remove your deepest muscle blockages.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu originates in Japan and allows your massage therapist to apply varying amounts of pressure to specific points on your body while you’re lying on a comfortable floor mat. This intentional pressure helps you relax and become completely stress-free in the moment.

Once the massage is complete, your body will feel more flexible due to the pain level reduction Shiatsu consistently incorporates stretching, breathing, and body rotating techniques that are necessary for you to experience the whole-body benefit of your energy balance being restored.

Your health and wellbeing is our top priority!

Massage Therapy: Experience Your Stress-Free Release

There is nothing better than feeling all your pent up tension release during a single session!

You deserve to live a stress-free life unhindered by the high levels of anxiety that continue to hold you back. Even though you’re growing older, staying active shouldn’t be accompanied by chronic body pain.

Metasomaura invites you to restore the youthful flexibility that once took common place throughout every bone and muscle in your body. Now is the time to achieve your greatest physical accomplishments and exceed your mental health goals as well.

We’re here to provide you with a remarkable service that will get you feeling like yourself again! Don’t wait a second longer to take back control of your physical and mental health. You must take care of your body so you can continue to make your mark on the world.

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