In order to assist you in achieving wellness these are some of the tools we like to implement:

acupuncture treatment


The insertion of extremely thin needles at strategic points used to physically, mentally, and emotionally revitalize the body.

cupping treatment


A therapy in which glass or plastic cups are applied to the skin to create suction in order to reinvigorate circulation.


Holisitic Nutrition

A consultation that combines both an eastern and western dietary approach to explore and evaluate your diet, health and lifestyle.

massage treatment

Massage Therapy

The manual manipulation of muscle tissue, fascia and joints in order to increase circulation, reduce stiffness and relieve pain.

movement and flexibility


A direct way to get feedback from the body using a series of muscle tests in order to assess and treat structural strengths and weaknesses.

herbal facial

Herbal Facial Massage

A facial massage that implements rejuvenating Chinese herbs that reduce swelling and blemishes while moisturizing and brightening complexion.

I had a unique experience. I felt energy run through my body like an electric wire. My body felt grounded and heavy and my mind felt free. It was surreal. During the acupuncture session, I really felt peace in my body and mind. After the session, I felt so relaxed and soft. It felt better than a massage. I will definitely be going back. I'm am excited and look forward to my weekly sessions.

- Victoria A.

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