Philosophy: Roots and Branches

blooming tree

Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that both physical and emotional balance are necessary for people to flourish in their daily lives.

As the trees in a forest we as humans inhabit the earth in a myriad of configurations. No root or branch is the same just as no upbringing, lifestyle or constitution is the same.  But what we are is understood. We can be identified as humans such as trees are identified as trees by their roots, trunks and branches.

But no configuration is ever the same.

We each have different levels. Roots, trunks and branches. Branches are what we present to the world our appearance and how we are perceived. Trunks are our strength and ability to support ourselves and withstand the external world. Roots are the hidden things that cannot be perceived by others. They are our thoughts, feelings, genetics and upbringing, the very things that mold our perceptions.

In Eastern Medicine it is understood that all of these things must be aligned in order to sustain a happy and healthy life. Metasomaura exists to maintain this principle by meeting you where you are and helping you along on your journey to wellness.

Meta(Beyond) + Soma(Body) + Aura(Spirit) = Metasomaura

Meet the Founder

metasomaura founder

Growing up visiting hospitals and nursing homes during her childhood every weekend, Courtney Vazquez is no stranger to recognizing illness. Being in those environments helped her to understand the importance of living a healthy life. This early exposure inspired her to want to make a difference in the lives of others. This led her to attend Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she obtained a Masters and license in Acupuncture and became a licensed massage therapist. After that, she travelled to China and shadowed doctors in a hospital in Shenyang, and studied various healing methods under masters in Changsha and Chengdu.

Courtney uses a wide range of techniques including classical & traditional Chinese medicine, cupping, moxibustion, nutritional consultation, Kinesiology and several massage modalities to treat patients. With these skills, she’s worked in both spa and medical settings including a free acupuncture clinic in Guatemala. Courtney continues to expand her knowledge in order to better serve and educate.

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